How to open de clips?

Will the Socklips damage or harm my socks or/and other clothing?

No, we have never experienced or had any complaint of our Socklips damaging any sock or clothing in any way.

How soon will I receive my order?

We can not guarantee time for shipping. It will depend on your zip code and country. However, we can guarantee that once the payment has been received we will send your order on the same / the next business day. Orders received before 14:00h will be dispatched on the same day.

Will the Socklips damage or harm my washing machine or dryer?

No, the clips have round shapes and are tested very often. We have no experience of damage to the wash or dryer machine after using the Socklips.

Can I order via e-mail?

Yes, however, we can only accept payment via PayPal or bank transfer if e-mail order. Our IBAN is: NL95INGB 067 3695 999 BIC: INGBNL2A. If you wish to pay via credit card you can do this in the online shop. We can also send you a payment request.

Will the color run off the Socklips?

No, the Socklips are completely color safe.

Where can I buy Socklips?

You can buy Socklips through our Online shopping

You can also check our list of stores where you can buy socklips.

Please follow our facebook and instagram page for updates.

Will the Socklips rust?

No, the Socklips are made of high quality plastic and plastic does not rust.

Will the Sockclips melt in the washing machine or dryer?

No, the Socklips are made of high temperature resistant plastic.

Do Socklips work on all socks?

Yes, Socklips was specially designed to work with all kind of socks. However, not made for more than one pair of sock. We do not recommend using Socklips with more than one pair of socks. 1 clip/1 pair of socks.

Will the Socklips make noise in my dryer?

Yes, like any hard or non fabric in your dryer the Socklips will clang around and make some noise, just like a large snap or button. However, It will not damage your washing/dryer machine.

Will the hindge on the Socklips break from opening or closing?

Our Socklips are specifically designed for intensive use and should therefore not break. You should open from the pin at the top and not from the front.

Are Socklips just for socks?

Socklips was initially created for socks only. However, after introducing our clips to the market we realised that there was another very common problem at home that could be solved: Duvet covers!

How does it work on duvet covers?

Click the clips on the edge of the cover (in the open part) and make sure both sides are together. Then wash, dry and done! Once you try, you will not want to stop using 🙂

How many clips to I need for closing the duvet cover?

We recommend one pack (7 clips) per duvet cover.