If you want to make something very special, even if it’s simple, something beautiful and good always takes a lot of time, patience and research. With Socklips it was no different. The designer of Socklips, Janine Delfsma, has 25 years of experience in the making industry, which helped her create the best design possible.

Most importantly, she is also a mother of 3 and housewife. This means mountains with socks and infinite hours of sorting them. This annoyance of sorting socks made her think that she had to work out a solution. It had to be simple and convenient.

Socklips is the solution for everyone’s sock nightmare… and more than that. It also solves a second very common problem.

Socklips keeps your duvet cover closed while washing and drying, avoiding clothes to get in during washing and drying process. This way, your wash is properly done (because they don’t get stuck inside the cover) and protecting your machine (because when the cover is full of clothes it is heavy and therefore without balance inside the machine and it could damage your machine).

To get where we are today, Socklips has been tested countless times in both low and high temperatures. The clips are made of a special kind of plastic that keeps the socks together during the entire washing and drying process. Click them on the dirty pair of socks, (or on duvet covers) wash them, dry them in the dryer machine or on the line, and store them until you use them on again.

Socklips are made to solve everyones problem and it does. No more sorting or missing socks and No more duvet covers full of clothes. It saves money and time!

The clips will not cause damage to your socks/duvet covers. The clips are small, easy to use and the most important, they work with all kinds of socks and covers.

The whole family can use Socklips, just pick your color and you’ll always know which socks are yours! Each pack comes with 7 clips in the colour chosen on our shop page, 1 pair of socks per day = 1 clip 🙂

For duvet covers we recommend one pack per cover.


Janine delfsma